Lee Yuen Seafood Restaurant

Seafood, Dim Sum & Chinese Food in Surrey, BC

Oldest Seafood Restaurant in Surrey

Est. 1981

Lee Yuen Seafood Restaurant, located west of Guildford mall on 104 Avenue, Surrey, BC, opened its doors 40 years ago and became the oldest seafood restaurant in North Surrey. A globally influenced restaurant, Lee Yuen is a one-stop-shop for Seafood, Dim Sum, Chinese food and drinks for everyone. Experience dining with our signature dishes and wide menu selections that will leave you a taste of Asian and Chinese food culture. Throughout the years, we have expanded our menu to over 80 types of dishes. We wouldn’t be here today without you; thank you for your support!

Brunch & Dim Sum Menu

14755 104 Ave, Surrey, BC, V3R 5X4

#101-1812 152 St, Surrey, BC V4A 4N5

Surrey's Seafood & Chinese Restaurant

Quality Ingredients, Delicious Meals

We always keep it fresh, incorporating local and sustainable ingredients wherever possible without losing quality on meats and vegetables. Enjoy our classics like the Deep Fried Squid with Spicy Salt, Seafood Chop Suey, Beijing Style Pork Chops, Vegetarian Stir Fried Greens, and other Vegan and Gluten Free additions.

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Feel like eating at home? We get you! Call us to order for pick up and get 10% off or a $5 discount on orders over $35. Happy eating! *

lee yuen seafood restaurant special prawn dumplings

Special Prawn Dumplings


Beef Flat Rice Noodle in Soy Sauce


lee yuen seafood restaurant beef flat rice noodle in soy sauce
lee yuen seafood restaurant crispy egg rolls

Crispy Egg Rolls


Truffle with Pork Siu Mai Dumplings


lee yuen seafood restaurant truffle with pork sui mai dumplings
lee yuen seafood restaurant Deep Fried Squid with Spicy Salt

Deep Fried Squid with Spicy Salt


Wonton and BBQ Pork Soup



Authentic Chinese Seafood Restaurant Near You

"Absolutely delicious, AUTHENTIC Chinese food. It was refreshing to find a really delicious Chinese restaurant in the area. Will definitely be coming back."

"From the road this place really doesn't look like much but we gave it a try and the food was delicious. Definitely our new go to Chinese place!"

"Been looking for a good Chinese restaurant and Lee Yuen Seafood Restaurant was a great find, the food was great."

"I've been coming here since mid 80's with my family and still do, great food and great prices. I came in tonight for breaded lemon chicken, boneless dry garlic spare ribs and special fried rice. By far it was best I ever had, highly recommended restaurant."

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